Plumbing Diagnostics:

Diagnose High Water Bills and Usage:

There can be many reasons for a high water bill. Often it is something simple like a poorly maintained toilet or a leaking hose bib. Sometimes it can also be a leak in the pipes running under, or to your house, from the meter.

Why it's Important to Stop Your Toilet From Wasting Water

Toilet leaks are the #1 cause of wasted water which can result in the loss of thousands of gallons of water per month.


If your home was built before the mid-90s you may want to consider a newer model low-flush toilet as it will use less water than the older models. The cost of the additional water usage is often enough to pay for the repair or replacement of the poor functioning toilet. However, it is important to know the right model to choose when replacing an old toilet with a new one.

Although water usage can be significantly reduced when installing a new toilet, purchasing the wrong model toilet can often lead to frequent clogging or the need to flush twice (which really doesn't conserve water). Higher repair costs, and/or delayed repairs due to special order parts are also common if the wrong toilet is installed. The existing plumbing system and usage of the home or business is always a factor in determining which toilet to install. Ultimately, it is a good idea to get experienced advise before buying a new toilet.

You may need a professional to check your toilet if you can hear water running in the toilet, or if the toilet flushes when no one has used it, or if water is leaking from under the bowl due to a leaking wax seal.

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